Condu-locks with ULTRA-TUFF Coating


Condu Locks with ULTRA-TUFF Coating For Stainless and Aluminum Applications

Ultra-Tuff Seal is a special formulated zinc based plating that provides a durable and corrosion resistant finish. After 500 hours in a salt spray chamber our samples exhibited NO signs of Red Rust Formation.

Pricing As Follows:
1/2” Condu-Lock Sets w/ Ultra-Tuff = 49 cents
3/4” Condu-Lock Sets w/ Ultra-Tuff = 49 cents

Set includes:
(1) Stainless Bolt (1/4 - 20 x 1 1/4"),
(1) Stainless/Neoprene Bonded Washer,
(1) ConduLock w/ Ultra-Tuff Seal Coating

*quantity discounts available*

Condu-lock with Ultra-Tuff Coating
Price: $0.49