Plasma Pro II Automatic Duct Liner Cutting Machines and Systems

Automatic Duct Liner Cutting Machines & Systems
  • Automated Cutting of fiber glass insulation for duct liners
  • Download the Liner Pro software for your existing duct software
  • Dramatically improves material utilization and overall quality
  • Both router cutting and water jet cutter options are available

Liner Pro II Specifications

High Speed accurate short fiber liner cutting machines and systems.

Short Fiber cutting machine capabilities

  • 1/2 inch thick liner: cut speed up to 1000 Inches/Per Min.
  • 1 inch thick: cut speed up to 750 IPM
  • 1 1/2 inch thick: cut speed up to 500 IMP
  • 2 inch thick: cut speed up to 250 IMP

Automatic Duct Liner Cutting Machines & Systems

Adding a Liner Pro II cutter to your shop will dramatically increase the productivity of your automatic duct liner processing while improving the appearance and quality of your lined duct. Sheets of Acoustic Duct liner fittings are downloaded through your existing duct fitting software. This dramatically improves liner utilization using your duct software’s nesting capabilities. The CNC cut parts match the metal fittings perfectly with nice clean edges. There are 2 options for cutting machine liners with the Liner Pro II -- a high speed router or high pressure water jet.

  • Traverse speed (between parts) up to 1500 IPM regardless of cut speed
  • One tool (bit) change required for 2” liners only
  • Light weight rigid aluminum gantry with high speed router
  • Heavy duty / heavy wall welded single unit square tube framing
  • PC based PPI - PC - CNC control system