Stud-lock / Duct Tie Rod Construction Hardware

Labor-saving tie rod
construction hardware

Stud-lock is the result of combining our
field tested condu-lock and a threaded stud.
This component will allow one person to
reinforce duct without assistance. The
threaded stud extending out of each end of
conduit will allow the installer to easily find
pre-drilled holes in both insulated and
non-insulated duct.

Stud-lock keeps the conduit in place for
fastening the sealed washer and locknut
outside the duct wall.

Rectangular Duct Construction WG Tables and Condu-lock Test Results


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Condu-lock Spring-lock T-Lock
with Qwik-Seal 1-piece hardware; Bolt and washer are pre-assembled Stronger than plastic! No de-burring required Patent #D496,852 The economical alternative... Installs in seconds! The new, quick and easy way to comply with SMACNA regulations for securing duct rods.
Price: $0.33