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Plasma Pro II Controller Retrofits

"The install is VERY neat and tidy, the program and interface with SDS works perfectly. Bill did a fantastic job all around. He worked with the boys in the shop, and ran through material they needed and trained at the same time. Bill went through everything with the guys and myself, and when he left, my guys are actually excited to have the new system running instead of dreading the change." - Shane O.

Brian, I want to let you and your company know how pleased I am with the equipment and the service I’ve received from PPI. You guys have given me the opportunity to advance my business and provide better quality parts a lot faster. Also the tech (Keith) made sure I completely understood the system before he left. In the future if I need anything I will definitely check with PPI before I go anywhere else. Thanks. – Rocky C

Production Products Inc. offers the PPI-PC-CNC for CNC plasma controller retrofits and replacement services for HVAC sheet metal plasma cutting tables. Our System is PC-based for use with any standard Windows PC and replaces old hardware-based CNC controls.

Replacement parts and repairs for an older plasma CNC controller can run many thousands of dollars. Instead of spending big money on your old control, consider replacing when you have trouble or - better yet - before trouble occurs.

PPI-PC-CNC Plasma table controller!

New drive systems with precision electronic motors and CNC PC based control result in tighter and cleaner cut edges.

Benefits of the PPI-PC-CNC controller

  • EASIER OPERATION – The PPI PC-CNC control is a Windows based control system, reducing operator keypad data entry keystrokes when compared to older CNC systems. Operation is very simple; training new operators is easy and fast for anyone with basic computer knowledge.
  • ELIMINATE PROCESSING TIME – The new controls are networked to the office computer, instantly producing duct fitting sheets. The network cable is an off the shelf standard CAT5-(6), bought and serviced locally as with the other PCs on your company’s network. This allows for PPI-PC-CNC communication (download) to the office at much faster rates than with traditional CNC plasma controllers.
  • LOCALLY SERVICED – The PPI PC-CNC control can be serviced by your own local or in house I.T. support personnel -- no more expensive repairs needed as with older CNC controls. Expensive parts and shipping the control out for repair will no longer be necessary because the Windows computer on the new system is the same as any other Windows PC your organization is using and supporting in house today. We will even prepare a backup PC for you.
  • DOWNLOADING OPTIONS – With the new PPI-PC-CNC system, the operator can choose from standard PC conventions for transferring the sheets from the office to the machine -- via Network, USB memory stick or CDs. This could be important if there were ever network problems; your operator always has the option to hand carry sheet files (jobs) on storage medium (USB memory stick or CD) to the machine.
  • MINIMAL PARTS – The simple, "off the shelf" motor drive and heavy duty 7 amp brushless precision motors are robust, trouble free and field proven in industrial environments and will provide years of trouble free service.
  • SINGLE PART CUT FEATURE – When necessary to cut just one piece from a nested sheet, this feature enables quick selection of any piece on the sheet. With a click on the piece, the program will automatically place the part in the corner (0X, 0Y) of the table. Place a piece of scrap of appropriate size in the corner, click on START and the part is cut. No need to trial cut the sheet and stop on the desired part (the old method).
  • EASY PART CHANGE OUT - The digital motor drive systems are "off the shelf" and require no adjusting and tuning as with the analog servo drives on older systems. All of the PPI parts are well-priced and proven to withstand the demands of industrial Plasma cutting in heavy industrial environments. However, it is not generally necessary to purchase the part from PPI; most parts are widely available from national or local vendors.

CNC Control and After-sale support

We support our systems on site coast to coast and around the globe with our staff of experienced field service technicians; service is also within the means and skills of the PC technician or local I.T. support staff currently used by a customer.

Mechanical Rebuild and Repairs for HVAC Plasma Machines

We offer field service for plasma cutting machines for HVAC. Worn bearings, gears, belts and miscellaneous items are frequently in need of replacement and are the source of many sloppy inaccurate plasma cuts. Tightening up the mechanical systems by replacing and adjusting such parts can often make an old machine cut like new. Contact us for parts and field tune up assistance on your plasma table.

Magnetic break-away Torch holder

PPI offers a Magnetic break-away torch holder that releases if the machine jams. This new torch holder can also eliminate the vibrations and resulting rough cut edges caused by the movement of a worn out torch holder. The break-away feature prevents the excessive stresses of snags and jam-ups from wearing and breaking other parts.

Replace and Upgrade your Plasma TORCH LIFTER!

PLASMA PRO GEAR RACK and Spur Gear replacement kit

Gear Rack replacement parts
Vulcan 2900 upgraded to Plasma Pro II for custom fabricator

Vulcan 2900 upgraded to Plasma Pro II for custom fabricator

Vulcan 1800 upgrade

Vulcan 1800 upgrade

Vicon Plasma Table Upgrade

3 Vulcans in One High Production Shop

Intro To PPI Plasma Control Retrofits

Lockformer Vulcan Plasma Retrofit for Metal Plate Cutting

PPI-PC-CNC Controls On: Lockformer 2900 Dual Side Drive with PPI Installed Arc Voltage Torch Height Control

Lockformer Vulcan 2400 Plasma Table Cutting 1/2" Plate

ESAB Plasma Control Retrofit Replacement Repair

PPI Plasma Retrofit on Vulcan 1800 Plasma Table

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