Plasma Machines, Parts and Supplies

Plasma Machines Tables, Parts and Supplies
  • CNC Plasma cutting machine for HVAC Duct & sheet metal fabricators
  • Download interfaces with all major duct software programs including Lockformer Vulcan, Vicon, Shop Data, Practicam, MAPS, Cybermation...
  • New & used plasma cutter & table installation. Replacement of old plasma machines and tables in existing shops
  • Replacement controls for existing CNC controllers on Lockformer Vulcan, Vicon, Cybermation MG, ESAB, plasma machines/tables
  • Plasma Machine Parts & Supplies for all types of machines.

Production Products Inc. offers the Plasma Pro II CNC plasma cutting table for HVAC Duct fabrication with optional liner/insulation cutting attachments or fully dedicated liner cutting tables. Plasma Pro II cutting speeds can exceed 500Inches Per Minute with traverse speeds as high as 1500IMP. The Plasma Pro II is capable of cutting galvanized steel, mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Other lightweight non-metallic materials such as insulations, cardboards or foam can be cut with our optional Roto-zip tool holder.