Condu-Lock The Original Tie Rod Reinforcement Hardware (w/ Qwik-Seal)

Condu-lock - the Original Tie Rod Reinforcement Hardware

Lowest Prices Guaranteed

Qwik-seal 1-piece hardware
(bolt/washer combo)

Since its inception in 1986,
Condu-lock® has become
synonymous with duct reinforcement.

24 years reinforcing America's duct.

Strong and leak free! Tested up to 10" W.G.!

Condu-lock available in the following sizes:

Condu-lock is available for stainless or aluminum applications. Please call (800) 231-8040 for details.

Rectangular Duct Construction WG Tables and Condu-lock Test Results

1,000 per box - Custom Packaging available

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Spring-lock Stud-lock T-Lock
Stronger than plastic! No de-burring required Patent #D496,852 Keeps conduit in place; allows one person to reinforce duct without assistance The economical alternative... Installs in seconds! The new, quick and easy way to comply with SMACNA regulations for securing duct rods.
Price: $0.25