Vapo Pro HP Water Jet Cutter

Production Products is pleased to introduce our new high speed Vapo Pro HP Liner Cutting Machine!

Vapo Pro Water Jet Cutter

Vapo Pro offers the duct fabricator a clean, cost effective method of cutting insulation materials, including Arma-flex, K-flex, and fiberglass, at speeds up to 1500 ipm, traverse speeds 2000+ ipm.

By cutting common lines, Vapo Pro can keep scrap to a minimum.

Vapo Pro features include:

  • High Pressure Pump
  • High pressure Vapo Jet cutting head and all hosing
  • Control valving and all water and pressure lines at the machine
  • Rust preventive table modifications

Plus these standard features of all Production Products cutting machines;

Standard machines include:

  • 60" x 120" or 60" x 240" cutting machine surface
  • PPI-PC-CNC Windows 7 (64-bit) control Software (customer supplies PC)
  • PPI-motion control drive system traverses over 1200 inches per min
  • Cutting table size 63 inches by 125 inches, flat bed
  • Cutting capacity to 2" liner
  • Rack and Pinion drive with linear rails for free motion X-axis
  • Precision industrial grade heavy duty timing belt drive system and guide rollers for Y-axis
  • Compatible with Duct CAM Software duct fitting cutting/downloading
  • Communication to machine from office via standard computer CAT 5 or 6