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Contractors who regularly line large fittings and straight duct will find the convenience of the PowerPinner 7105 Rapid Fire speeds their assembly and reduces fabrication costs. The weld head travels a full 60 inches for lining 5-foot wide duct. The head is moved with a multi-position extension arm and glides on specially design bearings. A weld pin is set each time the operator squeezes the pistol grip’s trigger. The welder may also be operated with a Rapid Fire foot pedal with the drive head locked in the forward position.

Features include:

Dependable Electronic Controls
Just set the machine for the gauge you want based on pin size and thickness of sheet metal.

High Output Transformer
Produces teh strongest possible welds for 1/2″ – 2″ pins fastened to 16 – 26 gauge sheet metal.

Frame Cutout
Frame cutout permits continuous lining of flat or L section, flanged duct work.

Split Weld Pin Track
Fasten 25 pins from the lower track before loading another 25 from the upper track.

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