Strut Pro Automated Uni-Strut Fabricating Machine

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Product Description

Introduction the Strut Pro from PPI!

Automated Uni-Strut fabricating machine available for 1 5/8″ and/or 5/8″ struts.

Production speed: length -20 feet per minute

Roll forming machine with punch unit:

  • Capacity: 12GA (=2.753 MM)
  • Hydraulic power: 20HP hydraulic system. 3 phase
  • Measuring accuracy: +/- 0.5 mm/M
  • Punch die material: SKD11 (=D2) with heat treatment (HRC60)
  • Shearing blade: material: SKD11 with heat treatment (HRC60), hydraulic operated
  • Machine base assembled and welded by high quality steel
  • Feeding speed: 20M/min.
  • Roller material: skd11+hardened
  • Transmission: chain and gear
  • Forming station: 18~21 stations including level roller.
  • Cut with hydraulic cutting die
  • Punch with punch die
  • Includes cooling system

Power Decoil:

  • Capacity: 6,600 lbs.

Run-Out Rack:

  • Pneumatic operated, with output profiles collecting cradle.
  • Length: 5m

Available in both 230v (82.5A) and 460v (41A).

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