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  • Torch bodies, torch tips and nozzles, electrodes, shield cups
  • Transfer ball bearings, torch holders, torch shields, air filter elements
  • Gears, drive belts, shafts bearings
  • Parts for Thermal Dynamics, Hypertherm, ESAB, Lockformer Vulcan, Vicon, Cybermation

Production Products Inc. stocks and sells most common parts used for plasma cutting including torch tips, torch electrodes, torch bodies, torch leads, hand torches and machine torches.

We also offer replacement torch bodies and leads; for example, a change of torch lead and torch body from Hypertherm to Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster may mean better tip life at lower prices.

We also have the most common mechanical parts for your CNC plasma machine: torch shields, transfer ball bearings, drive shafts and bearings, spur gears and timing belts.


Production Products offers parts, repairs and replacements for plasma power source units. We can match a customer’s needs to the latest in plasma technology with the new CUTMASTER SERIES of solid state plasma units from the leading company in the industry, Thermal Dynamics.

Plasma Cutting Consumables

  • American Torch Tip
  • Hypertherm
  • Inner Logic
  • Esab
  • Thermal Dynamics

Tog-L-Loc Parts

  • Lockformer Quicklock Parts
  • Surelok Parts
  • Norlok Technology Parts
  • Taloc Parts
  • Tog-L-Loc Parts

Roto-Die Parts

  • Replacement Tooling
  • Return Springs
  • Bottom TDC/F Die Inserts
  • Foot Pedal Cables
  • Round #37 Dies In Stock

HVAC Machine Parts

  • Lockformer Parts
  • Lockformer Parts Diagrams
  • Engel Industries Parts
  • Iowa Precision Parts
  • Ductformer Parts
  • Pittsburgh Opening Wheels
  • Opening Wheels
  • Shafts/Gears
  • Entry/Exit Guides
  • And more

Plasma Cutting Machine Parts

  • Lockformer Vulcan Parts
  • Esab Piecemaker
  • Advanced Plasma Cutting
  • Cybermation Plasma Tables
  • Vicon Plasma Parts
  • Control Upgrades