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PROFAB Seam Pro Welder Flyer

Product Description

Need a seam welder machine? Check out the PROFAB Seam Pro! It’s a top-of-the-line seam welding machine.


  • Suitable for TIG, Plasma, MIG, Sub-Arc and Laser welding
  • Fully welded fabrication
  • Mandrel has vertical adjustment for various thicknesses
  • Adjustable mandrel latch with unique safety control
  • Independent left and right finger clamping
  • Precision ball bearing, linear track for smooth travel
  • Standard flexible track to support hoses and cables
  • Unique, easy-to-use, precision alignment gauges
  • Advanced carriage controls with automatic sequencing
  • Pneumatic torch retraction
  • Weld process development & support
  • Dual pressure control
  • Rectangular mandrel and flange capacity

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A note from one of our clients:

“Just wanted to thank you for the professional set up you did in my shop today. The machine was pretty much plug-and-play. I really look forward to increasing production with this and look forward to buying other well-made machinery from you guys. Cheers!”Harvey LaFlamme



“A”“B”“C”“D”Approx. Shipping WeightMaterial Thickness CapacityCarriage Tracking Accuracy
Model NumberWelding LengthMin. Dia.Overall LengthOverall Width
PLSC-7272182.96.0015.2117.38298.139.50100.35,3002409.020 – .375.51 – 9.5/-.015/-.40
PLSC-8484213.46.8817.5129.38328.639.50100.35,9002682.020 – .375.51 – 9.5/-.015/-.40
PLSC-9696243.87.2518.4141.38359.139.50100.36,4002909.020 – .375.51 – 9.5/-.015/-.40
PLSC-120120304.89.5024.1176.00447.041.50105.412,0005455.020 – .375.51 – 9.5/-.015/-.40
PLSC-144144365.812.2531.1200.00508.041.50105.413,0005909.020 – .375.51 – 9.5/-.015/-.40
PLSC-168168426.715.2538.7224.00569.041.50105.414,0006364.020 – .375.51 – 9.5/-.015/-.40
PLSC-192192487.78.5021.6248.00629.941.50105.415,0006818.020 – .375.51 – 9.5/-.015/-.40
PLSC-216216548.621.2554.0272.00690.941.50105.416,0007273.020 – .375.51 – 9.5/-.015/-.40
PLSC-240240609.624.2561.6296.00751.841.50105.417,0007727.020 – .375.51 – 9.5/-.015/-.40


The PROFAB Seam Pro In Action
The PROFAB Seam Welder
20 Guage Galvanized TIG Weld Test
PROFAB Seam Welder - HVAC Duct and Sheet Metal Welding Machine
PROFAB Seam Pro MIG Welding Stainless Grease Duct
PROFAB Seam Welding Machine #5

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