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Premium CAM Software to Drive Plasma Machines & Retrofits

PractiCAM™ by MetaLab is the most advanced computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and estimating system for sheet metal work, including HVAC duct work.

Steel is not getting any cheaper. Energy is not getting any cheaper. Labor is not getting any cheaper. And your productivity is more important than ever.

  • Effectiveness (doing right things) and efficiency (doing things right) are essential in today’s economy.
  • PractiCAM nesting alone saves you up to 30% of your metal.
  • Our built-in cost estimating provides you with better and more precise numbers for winning your bids — and making money on bids you make.

An ability to create virtually ANY duct, ANY fitting, ANY part, ANY sheet metal design, ANY flat pattern you may want to make — from custom shapes and fittings to metal art — eliminates all bottlenecks in your fabrication process.

Want the most effective, efficient, and economical solution for your shop? You need PractiCAM™!

Feature List:

  1. All PractiCAM Single Wall Duct Libraries (Rect, Round, Oval, Auxiliary Items, Roofing, Architectural, Roof Curbs, Curb Adaptors, Louvers, Dormers, Dust Collection, Industrial, and more…Over 3000+ Fittings)
  2. All PractiCAM Double Wall Duct Libraries
  3. Simple and Complex Standard Geometric Parts Library (Includes over 1500+ Parts)
  4. Custom Part Builder. (Full 2-D CAD package)
  5. Automatic DXF Import/Export (Multiple part capability)
  6. Automatic/Manual Lead Ins and Lead Outs
  7. Catalog and Non-Duct Items
  8. Automatic, Manual, and Interactive Nest (Insulation & Metal)
  9. Scrap Inventory/Tracking and Part Inventory Nesting
  10. Automatic/Custom Label Maker with Bar Coding Options built in
  11. Automatic/Custom Report Maker
  12. Automatic and Manual Segmentation (Oversize)
  1. Unlimited Allowance Development (Locks, Seams, Connectors, Notches, Edges)
  2. Unlimited Material Types and Sizes
  3. Automatic Duct Sizing Tables Over/Under Sizing
  4. Flat Pattern Preview and Modification (In Takeoff)
  5. 3-D/Rotatable Graphical Interface with Real Time Editing
  6. Key Pad and Mouse Driven Takeoffs
  7. Raster To Vector (Scan Image and Cut)
  8. Sign/Text Maker
  9. Architectural Profile Builder (Cornices)
  10. Wall Paneling Assemblies
  11. Accessories (Ex: Tie Rods, Stiffeners, Dampers, Turning/Round/Radius Vanes, Filter Racks, Insulation, etc.)
  12. Work History Tracking
  13. One Year of Updates Included from MetaLab Inc.

Want to learn more?

Click below to see other great videos that demonstrate the versatility and value of PractiCAM:

Fittings - 3-D Libraries (3000+ preset parametric fittings)
Fittings - Allowances (Locks, Joints, Connectors, Seams, etc.)
Fittings - Accessories (Vanes, Dampers, Tie Rods, Stiffenors, etc.)
2-D Part Editor (CAD) - Draw Package
2-D Part Editor (CAD) - Advanced Library (1500+ parameteric shapes)***
Import .DXF Images
Advanced Automatic Nesting
Nest in Skeleton Inventory
Labeling (Fittings & Parts)
Reporting (Fittings & Parts)
Estimation - Part - Material Estimating

Interested in pricing or more information about PractiCAM™?

    PractiCAD™ and PractiPIPE™ Software

    PractiCAD™ software by MetaLab is the ultimate tool for a fully automated, custom workflow for every aspect of your design and drafting work. It completely and seamlessly integrates with your estimating and manufacturing processes.

    PractiCADis capable of automating virtually every technical task you are facing. It eliminates many (if not all) repetitive or manual tasks, simple and complex, so you can spend your time doing what you do best.

    Plus, bundled with every PractiCAD™ installation is PractiPIPE™, the leading plumbing and piping CAD package, with extensive libraries of plumbing and piping joints.

    Want the the fastest, most powerful, and easist to learn CAD software for your shop? You need PractiCAD™ with PractiPIPE™!

    Feature List:

    1. Extensive 3-D Parametric Fitting Libraries, Including Round, Rect, Oval, Single/Dual Wall, VAV’s and AHU’s
    2. Compatibility with all latest versions of AutoCAD and AutoCAD MEP
    3. “BIM” Compliant Software (Building Information Modeling)
    4. Ability to download directly to PractiCAM for Fabrication (Eliminates Inputting into Plasma)
    5. Ability to Export to Navis Works for BIM Coordination
    6. Ability to Export to Revit with PractiREV
    7. Ability to Create Catalogues of All Entities
    8. Full Architectural Libraries Including Steel, Bar Joists, Slabs, Walls, Lights, Ceiling Grids, GRD’s etc…
    9. Full Auto-Routing Capability. (Ex: Between Fittings, to GRD’s)
    10. Automatic Tagging of All PCAD Entities
    11. Automatic Piece Numbering
    12. Automatic Hidden Line Generation (Ex: Duct over Duct)
    13. Automatic Collision Detection between PCAD Entities, AutoCAD Lines, PolyLine, PolyFaceMesh Lines, and AutoCAD 3-D Solids
    14. Automatic Application of Specifications
    15. Full Automatic Reporting of All Entities (Ex: Purchased Items)
    1. Advanced Editing Capabilities of All Entities (Ex: All properties of all entities can be edited globally and on the fly. Specifications, Dimensions, Tags, Reports, Etc…)
    2. Ability to Create Spool Drawings of Pipe and Duct
    3. Ability to Easily Create a Cross Section (Edits with Main View)
    4. Ability to Add All Accessories on Drawing (Dampers, Tie Rods, Vanes, Etc…All Fully Downloadable to PractiCAM)
    5. Ability to Convert 2-D Steel Drawings into 3-D Steel/Bar Joists
    6. Partial View Feature for Advanced Isometric Isolation/Viewing
    7. Ability to Convert AutoCAD MEP into PractiCAD Entities
    8. Ability to Create Automatics and Ultimatics (These are user defined one touch clicks, that automate tasks like selection, editing, routing, numbering, reporting, downloading etc…Easily the most efficient/powerful feature in the software)
    9. Automatic Layering of All Entities
    10. Full Networking Capability
    11. Ability to Exchange All Information with PractiCAM (Single Source Entry)
    12. Ability to Create Custom Items Using AutoCAD DWG’s for Equipment (Can Create PractiCAD Attachment Points)
    13. Automatic Hanger Mechanism (Placement, Editing, Reporting, and Ability to Download to Robotic Total Station)

    For pricing or more information about PractiCAD and PractiPIPE™: