PPI Duct Commander Starter Coil Line

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Product Description

Introducing the Duct Commander from PPI!

The Duct Commander comes complete with :

  • 2 or 4 individually powered 12,000 lbs. capacity uncoilers (under fed not over fed) by way of a selector switch simply choose which coil you want to run
  • 60” wide 16 gauge operating capacity
  • Notching for TDC/F
  • Notching for S and Drives
  • Beading on 12” centers for duct reinforcement
  • Drive turn hemming
  • Male Pittsburgh edge or male snap lock buttons edge can be programmed
  • L-shapes or wrap around duct bender can be programmed
  • Flat sheets as well can simply be cut to length
  • Easy to use touch screen control

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